No Picture Available. Michael Doughty
Past President: 2001 - 2002
4133 SE Jacaranda St
Stuart, Fl 34997

Silver (25 Year Full)

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Mike Doughty has been calling square dances for over 25 years. He received his silver badge from the Florida Caller's Association in 2010 and a certificate recognizing 25 years of outstanding service to the square dance activity from CallerLab. Mike has been an active member with both calling organizations. In addition to M 'n M Squares, he currently calls for Sailfish Squares in Stuart, Florida on alternating Wednesdays, for Pine Ridge Promenaders in Lake Placid, Florida on select Thursdays and he teaches basic and mainstream lessons to a club at BayWinds in West Palm Beach, Florida. Mike also calls for square dance demonstrations and parties throughout the year, in support of square dancing and in efforts to encourage new dancers to learn to dance.

Mike started dancing in 1974 with the Foothill Strutters in Columbus, North Carolina. At the age of 16 he knew that he was "hooked " on Square Dancing and that it would be part of his life.

In 1987, in Lake Park, FL he went to Amateur night and did his first singing call, That was the start of his calling career. His first location, in 1988 was at the camp ground (Yogi-by-the Sea. He started his first class that September and graduated them at Basic-Mainstream level in January 1989.

Mike attended a CallerLab Association approved Caller's College under the instruction of Al Brundage and has been a member of his regional association (Southeast Florida Caller's Association) since 1989. He has served in the capacities of Treasure, Vice-President & President. He also joined the Florida Caller's Association in 1989. Having served two years as Treasurer for the FCA. He is also an associate of the international association of callers, CallerLab.

Mike had the unique opportunity to teach a group of non-dancers to dance on horseback and choreographed exhibitions for the group performance for various events.

At this time he calls regularly for three clubs in the Southeast Florida area. He has called at eleven State Conventions and two Nationals.